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E-Bike Rental

Here at Shoreline Pursuits our aim is to provide the best recreational and leisure e-bikes to allow you to focus on taking in the natural beauty of Clare Island.

On a Rad Power E-Bike you will be able to keep pace with the keenest cyclist in your group, you will be able to ride further, ride for longer and tackle hills with ease. 

Enjoying the outdoors can now be more care free and relaxing by hiring one of our E-bikes. 

Our electric bikes are available for hire for ages 14 years and up

**Under 18 must be accompanied by and Adult 


"Hi, my name is Mike and I am the owner of Shoreline Pursuits. I am passionate about nature and the outdoors, and most of all, our beautiful Island. Shoreline Pursuits is a new venture that we are launching in 2023 and we would love for you to join us and make new memories."

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Clare Island

Experience the Restorative Power of Nature

A visit to the Island is a time to decompress and reconnect with what matters to you. This is a process that is facilitated by a natural setting, outdoor activities and a quiet place to immerse yourself in. 

Take time-out from your busy life with a stunning natural backdrop where you can have an opportunity to slow down the clock and get on Island time. 

Surrounded by the ocean, you can take the opportunity to swim, explore the walking loops or simplyfeel the sand under your feet. Take the chance to meditate outdoors and gain a new perspective on life like only nature can provide. 

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